Monday, May 9, 2011

A new era begins...

The last few weeks, the scent of democracy was everywhere.

Not a day goes by without a notification on Facebook that is about the political event. Party news on blogs, Twitter and other online portal flooded our senses. You probably seen most of the candidates, not in person, but on video streaming online.

The Internet, responsible for triggering off the revolution in North Africa, finally played a part in Singapore's election. It levels the playing ground, uncovers facts not 'picked' up by the mainstream media, empowers the powerless.

The people gather in numbers for rallies, overwhelming traffic everywhere. Their votes dented the ruling party's victory. Not even the World Cup gathered so many fans, so many talking points, and so much support.

For the first time in many years, younger generations gathered for a political cause, even though they had been written off as 'uninterested' in politics.

They came together off and online, cheering and jeering, making biased criticisms and constructive critiques. This was a nation participating.

Previously I had lifted this phrase from my book, "The duty of a citizen in a democracy is to participate."

Now we can say that we are moving towards true democracy.

Change does not come suddenly, it inches bit by bit. Be patient, my fellow countrymen, for we have already taken our first step.

Firstly, I would like to thank the voters of Aljunied GRC in courageously standing up for their cause.
You have taught Singaporeans a valuable lesson, and made history.

When we achieved a true First-World Government, we would always look upon you as our inspiration and pioneer.

Secondly, I thank the brave and selfless men and women, who had nothing to gain but all to lose, yet in the face of great adversity, they stood up for the people. Even though you hardly know them, you sat down to hear their woes and the injustice they suffered.

Although it was much easier to walk away, I applaud you for staying on and fighting the odds.
Especially to Mr Chiam and Ms Seah. You taught us that age does not matter, whether you are 76, or 24. Sincerity and a sense of justice is all one needs in championing people's rights.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate the WP team in their triumph. 6 against 81 is hardly fair, and the tough work starts now. You are the people's choice and your duty is to serve them by keeping things in check. I hope that you would do us proud.

I would also like to thank all the opposition parties for participating. Even though you missed your chance, you have shown Singaporeans that it is okay to come out of their shell. I am sure that you would have plenty of potential candidates and volunteers knocking at your doors soon. Your contribution may have helped inspire our young generation to take the road less travelled, assuring politics of its pool of talents in the long run.

To close, I have a message to the people who are still skeptical. No democracy in the world has a parliament that only consists of politicians from one party. To engage in constant debate and discourse would lessen the probabilities of making awful decisions. The political world have evolved, and we have just began to.

I urged you to look beyond your social class, your material wealth and your vested interest. Hand-in-hand, we are Singapore.

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